Great Glasses Play Day 2015 coming up soon!

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I apologize for not posting much recently.  There’s been news recently in understanding some of the underlying causes of the increase in myopia, and in the treatment of amblyopia that I would love to write about some time soon.  But I’ve been focused — pun intended — on planning for the 2015 Great Glasses Play Day, which is coming up in just a week (ack!!!).


This year, we have more locations than ever and talking with the organizers is super exciting.  Take a look at our map of locations and see if there’s something near you.  We would love to have you join us – there are a lot of fun games and crafts and activities are planned, plus it’s a great chance to meet other families who are also dealing with vision issues and trade stories and tips.  I’ll be at the Twin Cities, MN event.   All events are…

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