11 Ways to Spend Time in the Bathroom While Prepping for a Colonoscopy

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With a family history of colon cancer, a 40th birthday, and scary statistics from the American Cancer Society(136,830 predictions of colon cancer in 2014 and 20,310 deaths), I made an appointment to see a local gastroenterologist. After visiting with the doctor, it was advised that I get a colonoscopy.

I know several friends and family members who have received colonoscopies, and the comments they made were all pretty similar. “The day before is horrible, but the procedure itself isn’t that bad.” And I concur with those remarks. The procedure is alright. In fact, it was one of the best naps I have had in a long time. I would go through another colposcopy just for that chance for another amazing nap. Unfortunately though, the day before the procedure is, in fact, a rough day. After taking a stool loosener, you drink a concoction every 15 minutes…

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