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This is just an update of my progress with the A to Z challenge. We are nearing the end of the alphabet and I cannot wait to reveal the finale. I have to admit. This will make a fantastic little book for any preschooler. I am still mulling over this idea. The illustrations did take a lot of time and effort. And I am amazed at how much I have done so far. With a bit of help from my 10 year old, these posts were so much fun. This challenge gave me a chance to think more creatively so I am very grateful for the opportunity. I hope that you are enjoying my posts.

So today, Owl’s A to Z adventure continues with S is for shadow:

Owl lands on the grass near the footprints.

He notices that they are similar to his own prints.

They lead him toward a large object.

The shadow of it fills the entire ground.


Here is a recap of his letters so far:






[F]ish Owl

[G]o Green












For more information about the A to Z Challenge, please visit their website here.

A To Z Challenge

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    • Thank you so much, Heather! I am so glad to hear you stumbled onto this site. On a good night, I can create it efficiently but that’s if the geometrical shapes work well together. It all depends on how creative I can be with the shapes. I really appreciate your feedback. Checking your blog as well! Thanks! 😄


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