#BallTalk No. 5: What Is A Waste Pitch?

In honor of Earth Day today, I wanted to share a term related to this celebration. So here we have:


No. 5

Waste pitch: A pitch that the pitcher deliberately throws outside the strike zone and is difficult to hit. It is often thrown to set up for his next pitch, or to entice the batter to go after a bad pitch.


We had a nice friendly tournament over the weekend. Most opposing teams lacked defensively and so we won every game. The umpire actually made some bad calls to favor the losing teams. K was afraid to hear another bad call and went for it. Hence, she avoided a waste pitch.

I apologize for all the yelling from my brother who took this video. He was very proud of her! 😊

*please note that this is an excerpt from a page in the “How To Speak Baseball: An Illustrated Guide To Ballpark Banter” book.


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