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Stargazing is a wonderful pastime for people of all ages. A nice pair of binoculars in an area with no light pollution can reveal so many wonders of the night sky. I realized this for the first time when I visited my parents in Tucson. The nights over there are completely different from my suburban world in New Jersey. I witnessed a few falling stars and the sky was covered in a million stars. I have never seen that many stars before Tucson! And I didn’t even need binoculars!

Today, I wanted to share a popular constellation which can be easily viewed from anywhere in the world.

And so Owl’s A to Z adventure continues with O is for Orion:

Owl loves to look for his favorite constellation.

It is Orion, a hunter in human form.

This is the easiest one to find from anywhere in the world.

Orion’s belt is a line of three stars which helps Owl locate it better.

According to Greek mythology, Orion hunts the animals in the sky but never catches them.

Owl laughs at this thought.


Here is a recap of his letters so far:






[F]ish Owl

[G]o Green








For more information about the A to Z Challenge, please visit their website here.

*please note that the Orion constellation is not drawn to scale.

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