#SundayFunday No. 10: Sand Play


One of the things that the Easter Bunny brought for the kids was Kinetic Sand. It’s a sandy substance but with a stretchy, no mess texture. It’s unbelievable! My kids spent almost 2 hours playing with this sand. And the best part?! They were quiet! I did not hear one fight. That says a lot about this product. I highly recommend it! There are various sand sets and molds which come in fun colors… even with sparkles. We have the sparkly dark green, light green, and purple sand. It was enough for the both of them.

Now, sand play is such great therapy to calm your mind and destress. It’s much like coloring. They even have products for adults in stores like Brookstone which come in a beautiful wood tray and cover set. Perfect for an office desk.

Here is M playing with her sand:


I have tried Moon Sand in the past but this Kinetic Sand is so much better. It’s awesome! 😄

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