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Yesterday, WordPress announced another new free theme. Well, I had to try it out. I think that I am a fan of this new blog theme, Lingonberry. It’s simple yet elegant. The layout is similar to my previous theme with the footer widgets. It looks more organized with the individual post borders and I love the pink/brown colors together. For obvious reasons, the feather background fits nicely whether it’s because of my love of owls or writing. See what I did there? 😉

So what is a lingonberry? The only time that I have tried lingonberry was over the Swedish meatballs at Ikea. Here is a cool tidbit about these berries. According to a recent article, lingonberry will be the next new super fruit and Canada may be using their abundance commercially in the near future. These berries strive in somewhat tundra climates with an extra strength outer layer which is beneficial to our health. Here are a few benefits of eating lingonberry:

  • provides rich antioxidants
  • promotes good heart health
  • fights diabetes

So going forward, I think that I will enjoy some lingonberry as my go-to food and blog theme! Thanks, WP! 😍

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