#SundayFunday No. 9: Color An Old T-Shirt


Happy Easter!!! 🐰 I hope the Easter Bunny was good to your kids this year. My kids enjoyed a nice egg hunt around the house this morning. Easter is just like Christmas. It takes a lot of strategic thinking and planning. With a 10 year old, we have to sneak it around her. She actually still believes so it wasn’t easy guys! I am glad that it’s over. Phew.

Anyways, for today’s Sunday Funday I wanted to do something easy. With Easter Brunch in our plans, let’s try to keep things simple. After going through my art supplies box, I dug out some of my fabric permanent markers (or Sharpie markers) and paint tubes. Surprisingly, M has not made a personalized t-shirt for herself so we ARE today. Sorry, M! I guess you can call that second child syndrome. 😁 We picked out an old shirt to decorate and use for our masterpiece. I still have K’s baby shirt with her drawing on it. She was quite an artist.

This project is straightforward and your kids will enjoy personalizing his/her shirt. If you don’t have any old shirts, you can also use a canvas tote bag. Don’t ask me why but we have tons of these around the house. My kids must love bags!

Here is our rainbow and handprint shirt:


Spring is here and I am hoping for more outdoor activities for Sunday Funday. 😄 We shall see…

Enjoy your day!

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