A Is For Acorns #AtoZChallenge

Owl has big news!

He will be participating in this month’s A To Z Challenge (#AtoZChallenge)! He will explore each letter in alphabetical order every day except Sundays. Join him on this fun A to Z adventure. It will be somewhat of a spin-off from his shapes book.

Owl’s best friend, M, will be assisting him. She is 3 years old and loves this challenge, too! If you have young children, follow along with us to celebrate reading and learning at the same time.

His adventure begins with A is for acorns:

One morning, the yellow sun breaks through a fluffy, white cloud and Owl is ready for yet another fun day.

He flies down from his favorite perch high above the forest.

He stumbles while landing on a pile of acorns.


For your reference, I have placed the A to Z Challenge badge at the bottom of the page. Simply click on the + sign to enlarge the window.

Enjoy and here’s to a happy month!

A To Z Challenge

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