#SundayFunday No. 8: A Seed Starter Box Using Toilet Paper Roll


We love eating strawberries at home. I missed my opportunity to grow them last year so I don’t want to mess it up this year. While browsing through Pinterest, I discovered this creative way to grow seedlings using a toilet paper roll. I had to do it! Here is what you need:

  • ripe strawberries from your refrigerator (almost to that moldy stage)
  • tweezers or your fingers
  • toilet paper roll
  • tape
  • top soil or compost
  • water

First, you will need to pick out the seeds that are not green (there are some in the photo but were not used) but more darkish in color. These are the ripe seeds. Carefully pick out the seeds using your tweezers or your fingers and put them aside. Cut your toilet paper roll in half and fold the ends by overlapping them (just like you are wrapping a gift). Tape the ends closed. Add the top soil or compost and sprinkle your seeds on top. Give it a little shake to move the seeds inside the soil. Add a bit of water and you are done.


The seeds will geminate in about 2 weeks. If we did it correctly, then we will have some leaves sprouted around that time. After the second set of leaves grow out, we will be able to move them into a bigger pot.

I am very excited about our first at home growing experiment. Keep you posted.

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