10 Reasons Why My Husband Wants To See Boston For Father’s Day

So it turns out that the classic Rock n Roll band, Boston, is on tour now. My husband sent me a text a few days ago about it. He could not contain himself. He was like a kid in a candy shop. So, so, so, so excited about this.

Once upon a time, we actually did enjoy going to rock concerts every now and then. But it’s been a while because of little M. Honestly, I think it’s about time to do it again. They will perform at the NJPAC in June and we haven’t been to this venue so we are looking forward to seeing this beautiful place.

He suggested that this concert would be his Father’s Day gift this year. I turned to him and asked, “Give me 10 reasons” with a smirk on my face. He gladly blurted out his top 10:

  1. Boston is his favorite rock band of all time.
  2. This is on his bucket list.
  3. It will be a nice date night for us.
  4. They do not tour very often.
  5. He loves the great story behind the current lead singer who was a former Home Depot employee and the band found his site dedicated to Boston in 2008.
  6. He is a rocker at heart. (Heck, I am too!)
  7. Simply because… it’s BOSTON!
  8. He works very hard and he deserves a night out.
  9. NJPAC venue is one that he has yet to see.
  10. He wants to listen to awesome guitar.

I think these reasons call for a date night. Here is an awesome history of the band through one of their songs, Rock And Roll Band.

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