Baseball/Softball Jargon: #BallTalk Word Of The Day No. 1


With baseball and softball season approaching, I wanted to add a fun Word Of The Day once per week. Recently, I have been adding several series to my blog. I see this as a great motivator for me to blog and hopefully, attract some new readers. I hope that this doesn’t pose as redundant but more like an extension of my blog. How about I share excerpts of some terminology from my favorite baseball book? Last year for Father’s Day, my hubby was given this cute baseball book from K. It was a great gift. It is full of funny illustrations and terminology that you normally hear from the commentators at a real ball game or on TV. I grew up around two brothers so I am very aware of these terms but they are confusing and can be misunderstood.


This book, “How To Speak Baseball” written by James Charlton and Sally Cook, and illustrated by Ross MacDonald, is such a great addition to any sports fan. So for the first one, I chose an easy term:


Bazooka: The arm of a fast pitcher. A flame-thrower is a pitcher with a bazooka (also, gun or cannon) for an arm. A position player, too, can have a gun for an arm. Carl Furillo, a Dodger right fielder from Reading, Pennsylvania was nicknamed “The Reading Rifle” because of his strong throwing arm.

This term is not the same as the Bazooka bubble gum that you enjoyed chewing as a child and reading those comic strip wrappers. They were awesome though!

#BallTalk series will run throughout baseball/softball season and I will post weekly on Tuesdays using this fantastic book as a reference. Who’s ready for another awesome season?! Go CG Panthers!

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