#SundayFunday No. 7: Carnival Or Chuck E. Cheese At Home


My kids love Chuck E. Cheese, an indoor play area and restaurant, with a Mouse as their mascot. We don’t necessarily live near one and most days, I don’t really feel up to driving there. So we created our own version at home using household items. If you have leftover tokens and/or tickets, then definitely make use of them as an added bonus to the experience.

We set up various stations throughout the house:

1) pretend merry-go-round using our pillow pets

2) basketball game using a laundry basket and small balls

3) driving game using our Wii steering wheel

4) bowling game using stuffed animals and rubber balls

5) stomping game using a pattern blanket

6) dining room for snacks

7) pretend prize table using random trinkets or candy as a treat

These are just a few suggestions but you can really be creative here and modify according to whatever items that are available to you.


Have a fun Sunday, everyone! 😄

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