What Post Gets The Most Views?

googlesearchDo you have a post which gets many views? I am still scratching my head. My most popular post is Searching For The Owl Emoji. Simply do a Google search for “owl emoji” and bam, there’s my post happily sitting in the first page. I am not a SEO expert but this is a very good example of showing that a little personal touch to a post goes a long way with Google (and of course, a million other reasons). But it feels pretty awesome. It doesn’t seem as significant as some of my other posts but I am OK with that. I just can’t believe that people do read my post. Now that we’re on the topic, where are you owl emoji?! 😭

So for everyone else, what is your most prized post? An inquiring mind wants to know… 😄

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When love comes in the shape of a heart (♥️).

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  1. I swear it’s all a conspiracy designed to make me stay up nights and obsess over. I mean, how do the the lamest, most useless posts get the most hits and the ones you value the most get seen by like… 1 and a half people? What is that?!

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