Milestone: Happy One Year Glassesversary!

M had her eye appointment yesterday and thankfully, her prescription stayed the same. She was so nervous… I don’t think that I have ever seen her this way. She was clinging to me as we entered the elevator. At the age of 3, she is full of questions and curiosity. In the car ride to the doctor’s office, she drilled me with questions. I comforted her by telling her that it was only an eye test. No shots, no poking around, no medicine. She quieted down in her thoughts.

At the doctor’s office, M was a bit more relaxed after seeing our lovely doctor and her fun office staff. She sat with me and we played with an abacus. Her favorite number now is 66. Everything is 66. So naturally she counted each bead up to 10 and then jumped to 66. I had a giggle.

Our visit was about one hour long with the waiting, exam, and then the dreaded eye drops. Surprisingly, M was very calm and I was so proud of her. She was a very good patient. As we waited out the pupil dilation process, we walked into the optical shop to browse through some glasses. She has outgrown her current pair. She insisted on finding rainbow glasses. We did not find any pair close enough but we did find a pair of light green frames.

Now, I need an honest answer here. Do you think M looks like an old lady? The frame that she has on is a bit big on her. We will have to order a size smaller. My husband prefers a darker color. But to add a bonus point on the cool factor, the neon green temples (sides) glow in the dark! Then again, would I want neon green on my 3 year old? She will walk into PreK in September looking like a pimpster or better yet like Psy since he’s Korean.

Here is M in her glasses:


The yellow temples will be neon green instead for the smaller frame. I don’t recall the name of this brand because I rushed out of there. It’s very lightweight, flexible, and made in strong plastic.

So, is she an old lady or a wannabe Weezer poser?

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  1. I think it’s important to let them have some fun with their glasses! If she likes them, then that’s what matters. If no one has told you before, there’s an eyeglass company online where you can order glasses on the cheap — I mean, really, really cheap. It’s called Zenni Optical, and that’s where I order the back-up pair(s). Shipping is slow, but it’s totally worth the wait!
    I think she looks adorable! Not old lady-ish at all! 🙂

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