#SundayFunday No. 4: Indoor Camping


Get your tents ready for a camp out indoors. This was a huge hit with my kids.

If you don’t have a tent, you can also just build one using large blankets on your table or chairs. We love tents so we keep a few in the house for pretend play.

Here are the girls unpacking their camping gear and getting ready for a pretend night hike around the house with the blinds all closed. They packed flashlights, books, miscellaneous favorite toys, and a pretend bug jar with fuzzy lady bugs inside. We roasted marshmallows using wooden chopsticks and cotton balls over a small Frozen flashlight. I even colored the cotton balls so they looked roasted. So much fun.


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  1. LOVE this! Heck, I don’t even have kids and I want to do this! When I was in elementary school, my 4th grade teacher did a camping day every year where we brought in tents, sleeping bags, camping food – and all our learning and activities were camping related. It was a TON of fun. Such a great idea. I bet your girls love it.

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