BlogMutt, Can You Teach This Old Dog New Tricks?

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The answer is YES! Once upon a time, I had a corporate job in New York City but decided to leave that world to become a stay-at-home parent. That was over 10 years ago. What was worse than that? My resume didn’t have a chance and would probably sit on top of HR’s desk without even a slightest peek, then eventually tossed into the garbage can. I was a very small fish in a big pond. Now fast forward to today as a current content writer at BlogMutt and I thank the stars every night for this second chance as a professional. It was very difficult to find work with some flexibility prior to BlogMutt and if you are in similar circumstances, then read my story.

BlogMutt is a content writing service for small businesses who may need a bit of help in the blogging department. If you want to succeed as a (ghost)writer on BlogMutt, then be sure to follow these simple, straightforward guidelines:


BlogMutt hires writers from different backgrounds all over the United States. You are required to take a writing test and submit a LinkedIn account (this is only used to verify your identity). Once you pass a writing test and log into their system, you are greeted with a plethora of clients in all types of industries. It took me about a few weeks to settle in and hone in on which clients were a good fit for me.


Good writing skills are necessary to succeed with the clients and BlogMutt. Clients rely on BlogMutt because they are too busy with maintaining their own blog and most likely not great writers. You can submit a blog post with a minimum of 250 words but most clients prefer around 300 words. You will receive $8.00* per sold blog post every Monday following your invoice submission. Some writers like to hold off until they have a nice amount of earnings. I personally like to send it in right away. If your writing is below average, your blog post may be rejected by either the client or the Admin staff. Quality is key, not quantity. And readability is very important. You can resubmit your rejected blog post to another client with a bit of tweaking. Your blog post can get a second chance or third, fourth, etc. I had one of my posts bounced around for weeks. I really saw it as a bad omen. BUT it did eventually sell after all that. Keep in mind, it also depends on the client’s taste and his/her business interests. There is an average 90% acceptance rate. Not bad at all. You can write as many or as little as you want. It’s completely up to you. Log on at any time whether it’s the crack of dawn or midnight. I just love the flexibility. You won’t be deactivated if you decide to disappear for a while. BlogMutt welcomes you back wholeheartedly. You can communicate with Scott, Wade, and staff on the forum or via email. They are highly responsive and just super terrific people. Lastly and most importantly, plagiarism is not acceptable anywhere.

New tricks

I am still fairly new to blogging but as a newbie I am very fortunate to have found BlogMutt first. I have heard some horror stories with other writing sites. You won’t find that negativity among the mutts (a.k.a. writers). We are an awesome group of warm, friendly, and supportive people. With that and much more, BlogMutt has given me the right tools to succeed as a freelance writer. By combining my previous corporate persona into writing, I am now taking one step toward a wonderful writing career. This old dog will definitely learn new tricks. Thanks to BlogMutt!

*Recent update as of February 2015: As per Scott,

The pay for the regular posts will remain $8, but the longer posts pay is $19 for Standard, $40 for In-Depth and $72 for Long-Form…

All writers will be able to see all the opportunities, but not all writers can create posts for them all. Writers need to be at Level 4 for Standard, Level 5 for In-Depth and Level 7 for Long-Form.

(I’m especially excited about the Level 7 perk. Right now you get a shirt at Level 6, and Writer Shares in BlogMutt at Level 8, but at Level 7 all you get is an email telling you that you are half-way to Level 8. That’s always bummed me out, and so now Level 7 is a real perk.)

To clarify:

Levels 1 to 3 for minimum 250 words: $8

Level 4 for Standard minimum of 600 words: $19

Levels 5 to 6 for In-Depth minimum of 900 words: $40

Levels 7 and above for Long-Form minimum of 1200 words: $72

I am a little over 100 points away from Level 5. It has taken me forever because I haven’t written regularly. But this is great news for all the writers!

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