Blurb Review: My Self-Published #Book Arrived Yesterday

Oh, happy day! My husband checked the mail yesterday morning and found a lovely package from Blurb. I think he was more excited about opening it than me. He politely texted me from work and asked if he could open it. Ha, ha, ha. I married a perfect gentleman. So of course, I told him to open it right away!

I was beyond belief on the quality of these books. The cost per book may be a bit high but what you are truly paying for is quality. Please keep in mind that I chose their standard paper and I am somewhat relieved that it’s also great. The softcover book has a glossy finish on the outside. The hardcover book has a matte finish and is about a half inch bigger than the softcover book in dimensions. Both books will withstand a lifetime of wear and tear from little curious hands. I am so glad that I chose Blurb just for that reason alone.

Here are a few photos to share:

imageThe hardcover book shown above is amazingly made in the highest quality.


This photo above shows the thick and shiny paper. It’s beautiful.

For anyone interested, please consider this. Create your own Blurb book and put your passions in print. You will not be disappointed. I finally have peace of mind knowing that my readers will get great quality out of my print books. 👍

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