Car Shopping Carts: Can We Say Toddler Road Rage?! @HomeDepot

We stopped by Home Depot (a home improvement store) the other day looking for a sled (unfortunately ours broke) because they do stock some random items from time to time. We were hoping that they would have a few leftovers since it is almost at the end of the winter season. But we didn’t have any luck. However, M had a good old time in their car shopping cart. Now why can’t all stores carry this type of shopping cart? It’s genius and honestly, it’s the best! The kids are higher up (near you) and the cart doesn’t take up the whole aisle like the others do.

Here is M not very happy that we had to leave. Her face is priceless!


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  1. Ohh my Gosh!! Yes! Every supermarket and store should have those! E would love it. The one where the carts have the car on the bottom was a fail. It lasted for a few minutes and she wanted out.

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