Blogging: Passive Vs. Active Voice

As bloggers, we are essentially content writers. We market our content to attract our readers. Right? But which approach is better. Do you prefer to use more passive or active voice when blogging?

And if you think of all those motivational speakers, I believe that they primarily use their active voice to engage their audience. With content marketing for businesses, blogs are better off using active voice to enhance credibility. To clarify what this means, I wanted to share an example from a recent article by Skyword:

The caterpillar was devoured by a ravenous bird. {Passive}

A ravenous bird devoured the caterpillar. {Active}

Can you see the difference? When you avoid conjugations of the verb “to be” (like am, are, was, and were), your post appears more credible.

I guess when I post about my personal stories there’s a good balance between active and passive language. But this is an important tip to remember when you blog. I know that I need to be more active in my posts.

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