#SundayFunday No. 3: A Paint Party


Today we decided for #SundayFunday that we would have a paint party. We wore our old shirts for this messy project. I made sure to cover up our table and had all the necessary supplies in arm’s reach. I also had a brand new tub of hand wipes on the table for easy clean up. In the end, we had a table full of painting art pieces and M was left with a sleeveless shirt on. It was very messy but the girls loved it. My 10 year old really enjoyed hand painting and stamping on everything. We actually used up all of our paint for this activity. We went from paintbrushes to fingers to hands and then back to paintbrushes.

Painting with a brush is such a relaxing exercise but also great to perfect your fine motor skills. M practiced holding her brush correctly as she carefully dipped it to get more paint. She was so proud.


M wanted to paint her hand green! She really loves that color. 😉


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