Owl’s Shape Adventure By Veronica Grande

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This is just an official announcement that my first children’s book, Owl’s Shape Adventure, was published right before Valentine’s Day this year. And what better way to celebrate love than a published book as an aspiring writer?! I poured all of my love into this book and hopefully that evidence will show. To quote from one of my favorite movies (hubby and I went to see this on one of many first dates), “love actually… is all around.” Well, the love of shapes… that is.

My book is a fun look and find adventure story tailored for preschoolers. Children will learn shapes, colors, counting, numbers, and the weather/environment. With bright colors and a cute little brown Owl as the main character, children will enjoy following along in this adorable adventure. It is a simple read for a 1 year old and entertaining enough for a 5 year old.

But because this is my first book, I would love it to get some proper recognition. So fellow readers, can you help in spreading the word? Whether it is word of mouth or linking back to me, I would appreciate any help. If anyone is interested in reviewing my book and posting about it, then that would be awesome too. 😊

Thanking you in advance!

*Update – second and third editions have been published with a new book cover, font, and minor text changes.


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