TIPS for SUCCESSFUL Author/Illustrator Bookstore Events: An Interview With Watchung Booksellers’ Liane Freed

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Liane Freed Watchung BooksellersIf you happen to be in Montclair, New Jersey on a Saturday morning, stop in at Watchung Booksellers and you will find the children’s area abuzz with the happy sound of children enjoying the Saturday Morning Author/Illustrator Storytime Series.  These popular weekly gatherings are organized by Liane Freed. Easygoing and friendly, Liane clearly loves her job and has a knack for getting kids excited about reading. In addition to Saturday storytimes, she also organizes weekly Mommy and Me storytimes.  She’s here today to share some tips for successful author/illustrator readings and signings at bookstores.  Welcome, Liane.  Let’s get started.

LAURA:  Your Saturday Morning Author/Illustrator Series has a consistently good turn out.  What do you think is the secret to its success?

LIANE:  A huge part of our success is that we have a community that supports us and values the joy and importance of reading to their kids. Another…

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