Quick Poll: Blogging For My 10 Year Old


A few months ago, K asked me if she could blog like I do because she really likes journaling. Like mother, like daughter. I thought that I would reach out to my readers and get your opinions. I am about 80 percent certain in giving her permission to do it but under my blog and my discretion. How about “KeKe’s Korner” as her own subcategory? I will most likely keep the features for Likes and Comments turned off for privacy reasons. This will be a place for her to write down her random thoughts as a pre-teen. I see it as harmless from an overprotective parent. Her friends at school have Instagram and I will not allow that. But her blogging from time to time will be great. And it  will be interesting to say at the very least.

Please vote below. I would appreciate your comments, too!

(Interesting tidbit of information: I did some research as usual and found that some schools are allowing 4th and 5th graders to blog as a class with pseudonyms.)

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  1. I think it’s a nice idea as long as you keep it under your supervision, so you will know what is going on.
    I don’t think you should post many pics of her, as in this internal world you can’t know who is really behind the computer.
    But… If you are there by her side guiding her, I think this could be a very wonderful experience for her and could really help her be more creative.
    I hope what I wrote is ok 🙂


  2. Well if you are there to protect her from child predators I guess it would be okay, but she may miss the contact with kids her own age and want their comments like she gets on Facebook, IF you let her have a Facebook account also.

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    • This will be a way for her to write down some thoughts. Not even sure how often she will do this. She is busy as it is. Oh, I will be her personal editor and critic. Ha! 😉 We don’t use Facebook but may consider it later on when she is older. Thanks for your comments! 😄


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