New Blog Series: #SundayFunday No. 1


With this frigid weather lately, we are indoors every day. To entertain my kids and possibly your kids, I thought that it was a good idea to start a new series called #SundayFunday. Every Sunday I will share a fun idea, activity, or tip for the whole family whether I have tried it or just simply found something amazing on-line.

So for número uno, I wanted to suggest playing a scavenger hunt in your home. This is fun for kids of all ages. Everyone can play a part in the search. K loves to make up the clues (creative writing here!) and hide them. M loves to run around and find them. And I just sit back and watch them. 😉 Everyone has fun. The girls and I really enjoy this so much. You can also have a special theme to the hunt. If your child loves dinosaurs, create some clues about some interesting facts. If you child loves dress-up like M, leave clues about the clothes and even use them as part of the hunt. In the end, you will end up with a glamorous outfit. The possibilities are endless.

And that last clue can be more elaborate for the big finale. M can play this all day. We just keep switching things up. It’s also great for the younger kids to learn patience and control. 😄

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  1. Ah! Love this! Such a great idea… and so much better than turning on movies or video games for them. More parents should do these types of activities with their kids…


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