What Happiness Means To Me


When you think of the game, tag…  what comes to mind? You picture yourself happily running about and chasing your friends to give them a tap or tag. And then that lucky tagged person continues the game. It is just that. A happy game of tag.

Well, Kim from Invited by Grace happily tagged me a while back and for me to continue this fun challenge, I was asked to list my happiest moments in my life. She has a beautiful blog and she is an inspiration. She truly has a gift with her words… always writes so eloquently. Do check her out.

There are so many happy moments in my life but I will have to say that true happiness began with my first born child, K. She turned my world upside down in a whole new way. Before her, my messy life was spiraling out of control and many careless mistakes were made.

My life and my heart belong to my husband and my family now. This changed that darkness into happiness. So it’s just natural for me to begin from that moment on.

Here are my happiest moments:

  • finding true love with my husband
  • first pregnancy
  • K’s first year
  • being a mother (even though I was 50 pounds heavier post baby)
  • traveling to Orlando, Tucson, and Boston… well, anywhere really!
  • first baby sign, first words, first I love you’s, first everything else
  • hugs
  • 10 minutes of quiet time in the shower
  • good health all around
  • laughing so hard it hurts
  • spending time with family and friends (my high school friends and I meet every few months, now all married with kids… our group just keeps growing! See photo below of us in high school)
  • eating a meal while it’s still hot
  • a good night’s sleep
  • my kids making smart choices
  • older daughter teaching her little sister how to pray
  • story time
  • running
  • M seeing the world for the first time with her glasses
  • a beautiful sunny day
  • seeing my kids accomplish a goal and then seeing their happy smiles
  • finding purpose
  • seeing K as a big sister and having M here after 2 failed pregnancies
  • hearing my kids giggle
  • knowing that we have a strong family bond
  • being silly
  • playing softball and being outdoors
  • celebrations and holidays with our family and friends
  • writing from my heart
  • seeing my kids excited when Daddy comes home after being away for a few days from work

imageStill can’t believe where our time went and now this group of friends will be celebrating our 40th year in May. This will also be one of my happiest moments.

Here is a video of our last visit to Fenway Park before M was born. I was 7 months pregnant. If this isn’t happy, then I don’t know what is. ❤️

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  1. This post made me smile ear to ear as I read through it and then I saw that you nominated me, just to top it off!! I hope you can feel me smiling through these typed letters. Not only do we have many happy moments in common, but you thought of me to tag!! I happily accept and loved finding all those great blogs you linked on this post!! To many more happy moments!! 🙂 Yay!!! 🙂


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