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This blog mainly captures stories around parenting and writing, but one that seems to be neglected is my husband. Today, I was inspired by an idea that I saw on Pinterest – an image of a jar full of “365 reasons I love about you”. A simple, yet, thoughtful gesture like that can make someone special so happy. So I am jotting this down as my personal project from my heart. And I will present it to my husband as a birthday gift on November 3rd. I have less one year to do it but I think with daily jots, this can be accomplished.

I am super excited and I will post those 365 precious things in November. Stay tuned…

And for those who want to give love notes for Valentine’s Day, here is an awesome free printable for “100 reasons why I love you” that I found via Pinterest.

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  1. A few years ago, we had a serious financial situation at the holidays. Nearly the entire gift budget went to the children, but I wanted to do something special for my Accomplice. I bought an inexpensive day planner, and wrote a reason I love him for every day. It took about three weeks, and I loved coming up with so many, because I loved him more with each one – a gift for me, too!

    May you both find delight in it, and I’m so happy to meet you and poke around your nifty blog! =D

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