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A few weeks ago, I downloaded an app by Johnson & Johnson called “7 Minute Workout“. I saw this on the home page of Apple’s app store as one of their featured apps. It’s available for both Apple and Android products. It’s free and I wanted to give it a try.

Yesterday, we had a snow day. No school. The girls were acting up and going stir-crazy being indoors for two days. Well, what better way to exert some of that energy than to work out? And in 7 minutes.

This app is great for anyone who can’t make it to the gym one day or need an extra boost whenever you have a few minutes to spare. The girls and I enjoyed our little workout at home. And the best part about it is… you don’t need any equipment other than a chair, wall, or floor. It is designed to work you out using only your body weight. My 3 year old loved watching the step-by-step tutorial which kept her distracted so that I can exercise. 😉 The trainer’s voice is British but pleasant. The exercises are not too difficult but it gets harder and you can also customize them to your preferences. I love the plank and wall sit exercises. They really work out your core muscles. After the 7 minute workout, I was surprised to feel my heart racing and sweating a bit. Those 7 minutes went by so quickly, too. You also have the option to warm up and cool down which we did just for fun. The girls loved it!

If you are looking to supplement your workouts or need a quick pick-me-up exercise at home, then this app is for you. I plan on using it every day and start getting back into shape. I gained a few pounds from the holidays so this little app will help as part of my workout regime.

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*image courtesy of Johnson & Johnson

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