The Early Stages Of Publishing My Children’s Book


I have been very busy these past few nights trying to get a handle on my first children’s book. I mentioned before that my New Year’s resolution was to publish a board book for children ages 1-5. Well, things have somehow kicked me into overdrive with an unexpected help from an affiliate program. If all goes well, I will be posting more about my step-by-step publishing experience in the near future. So stay tuned.

I am using multiple free sources (mostly apps on my tablet) to make sure that my illustrations are kid-friendly. But I am stuck on the title of the book. The one that I wanted, “Shapes are everywhere”, is taken already and I need a fresh new title to appeal to kids and parents, alike.

Can you help me jot down some fun titles? It needs to be unique, simple, and catchy. My book will be a look and find shapes book using common animals, surroundings, and seasons. I will incorporate circles, triangles, rectangles, ovals, diamonds, hearts, squares, and maybe a few trapezoids for the older children. And perhaps add some counting, too.

How about…?

  • “Shapes, numbers, and more – a fun Look and Find book”
  • “Fun shapes all around”
  • “Shapes in our world”
  • “Fun shapes everywhere”
  • “Look and Find Shapes for Toddlers”

I am hitting a writer’s block from lack of sleep and being overwhelmed. I will appreciate your helpful suggestions. Thank you!

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