My Media Library: Delete Or Not Delete?


Last night was spent going through my media library and cleaning up in-house. I didn’t realize how many random photos were in my media library. When you edit images, you have multiple versions. When you reblog, you have that particular blog’s images. And it was nostalgic to go down memory lane. So many fond memories.

So my question to all of you is… how often do you check your media library? Do you let it accumulate or do you delete as you go?

I just selected the bulk delete and then it was done. But going through everything was time consuming. I am jotting this task as part of my to-dos.

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Update (2/3/15):

As it appeared to me unknowingly, when you delete a media file used in a post, then you are left with holes wherever that file was used. I would suggest to NOT delete your media files unless you are completely sure that they weren’t used. Thank you to Joey for pointing this out!

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