I Broke The TV, Mommy

While enjoying one of M’s TV program, the screen turned black and a message popped up, “Emergency Alert System”. And then the annoying, screeching sound blasted into our ears. Is that really necessary?


M looked at me with her worried eyes. “I broke the TV, Mommy,” she said with her head hung down. I looked at her and gave her a big squeeze. “No, you didn’t,” I said. I explained to her that sometimes the TV checks if ours is working properly. She nodded in agreement.

As adults, we hear this come on and we don’t really think too much about it… at least I don’t. But to an innocent child, it’s foreign and unsettling with those long beeps. Children look to us for guidance and reassurance. We provide a big security blanket from the crazy world we live in. It’s just our job as parents.

When M immediately looked at me, my heart sank. She needs me. This little tiny soul needs me. It’s a constant reminder that I have to be there for her. Sometimes, with all the chores and errands I forget this important little detail.

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