What Do You Get When You Add Cats + Goats + Owls?

The answer is a CAFÉ!

Japan started this “café-housing pets” trend years ago when many building developments prohibited tenants from owning a pet in their homes. Now, many other places in Asia, Europe, and the US are cropping up with the same idea. And in my neck of the woods, there is actually a cat café, Meow Parlour, in New York City which I just found out while researching this.

So let’s discover these interesting places by going straight to the source… Japan.

Temari no Ouchi (Cat Café)

Image via kittyarmy.com
Image via kittyarmy.com
Image via tripadvisor.com
Image via tripadvisor.com

Maybe “a cat wonderland” (photos shown above) should be a more appropriate name for this amazing café. This one knocks it out of the cat park! I am in awe of the woodsy decor. So beautiful.

Then things get more crazier when business owners bring in rabbits, goats, sheep, and owls. And since I am so fascinated with night time elements, I wanted to jot down and remember this popular owl café.

Tori-no Iru (Birds Café)

Image via huffingtonpost.ca
Image via huffingtonpost.ca

There are several owl cafés and most have strict rules on handling owls. With dim lighting, flash photography is not allowed and at some locations, food and/or drink is not permitted. Reservations are required for a time slot with a food purchase. And these places are not cheap. Be prepared to bring enough cash.

I love animals and this seems like a relaxing experience being around cats, owls or any type of animal with a pleasant manner. But I thought owls are nocturnal so not sure how that affects them in a busy coffee shop. The one positive thing that you can take away from this experience is animal therapy. Just something about holding and bonding with an animal heals you in so many ways.

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