Is Timing Everything?

So I prefer to schedule my post for 1:00 a.m. EST thinking this may be a perfect time for my overseas readers and also great for those night owls and early birds here. It seems to be working very nicely on my end. I have gotten a few new followers since this schedule. But is timing everything?

Well, I did some digging and there is a true science behind blogging and timing. According to Impact Branding & Design, you should pay close attention to when a blog post is published. Here’s a quick overview:

  • with collective data from KiSSmetrics and HubSpot’s Dan Zarella, Mondays get the most traffic. But for me, Wednesdays are my best days.
  • 11 a.m. EST gets the heaviest traffic. Is that a convenient time for all of you guys?
  • from a business standpoint, frequent blogs are better for your business. Since this is my personal blog, not a business, I beg to differ. But I have to say, blogging regularly especially for Just Jot It January has helped me to open up creatively.

So do others like to post on-the-go or schedule it for a later time like me? Just curious.

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  1. I just blog when I want to 🙂 But I’m not really trying to garner an audience, so my method isn’t really relevant! 😛 The people who blog the most, consistently, seem to have a larger following. Whenever I participate in a month of blogging every day, my stats boom. Most people are reading my blog at 10am, regardless of when I post, which is seldom am.


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