Mews: The Cat Caravan by Make Them Roar

So clever!


Hi everyone,

We thought the following Kickstarter campaign might be of interest to some of you! Today we are looking at the Cat Caravan by Make Them Roar. (Click for Kickstarter campaign page)

Caravan 8

The Cat Caravan was the idea of Bettina & Merle who wanted to create durable yet safe playbox for our cats!

As most of us probably know, most cats cant resist a box of any kind! And we don’t even need to look as far as Maru in Japan as even our little Oliver likes to squeeze into the smallest possible box!

Unfortunately a lot of our post packages not just don’t look nice in our living rooms but may also contain harmful chemicals in the glue and sticky tape that is used to secure them!

This is where this Cat Caravan comes in place! It has been designed so that no harmful glue is necessary to assemble…

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