Are We Still “Friends”? By Scott Yates

Some of you may not know that on a part-time basis, I am a freelance (ghost)writer. However, during these past few months I haven’t written anything except in my personal blog. I received a friendly note from my boss, Scott, the other day about my absence. This was a general note to all writers who have disappeared for a while. But his sincerity goes a long way. Here is his email with subject line, Are we still “friends”?:

Dear Veronica,

Hey, we just wanted you to know that you are now, and will remain, an active writer with BlogMutt.

We kick out writers who aren’t from the US, or plagiarize or whatever, but we don’t kick out writers who aren’t active. We figure that maybe you just got busy with other stuff.

But we’re like an old friend from high school. When we get together it’s like we haven’t been apart, even though some time may have gone by.

We’re here for you to provide a fun, friendly place where you can keep your skills sharp and make some money. Whenever you come back, we’ll be here for you.

Yours in writing,

-Scott Yates 

I would like to emphasize that Scott is not one of those typical horrible bosses. He is actually a genuine person and a GREAT boss. And as a side note, he doesn’t like the writers calling him “boss,” more like a colleague.

But I know that some of you are not as fortunate. So for fun and for all the anti-Lumbergh fans, here are 10 signs that indicate you have a bad boss:

  1. A boss who thinks being a good “doer” automatically makes him/her a good leader.
  2. A boss who mistakes “leading by example” for “doing the tasks that your team does.”
  3. A boss who sets a bar that’s too high.
  4. A boss who loves to burn the midnight oil at all times.
  5. A boss who fails to admit responsibility or mistakes.
  6. A boss who mistakes being liked for being respected.
  7. A boss who enforces discipline rather than accountability.
  8. A boss who fails to delegate and demonstrate trust.
  9. A boss who fails to engage on a human level.
  10. A boss who thinks you have all the answers.

Please note that only US residents are accepted at BlogMutt and Scott didn’t mean any disrespect to anyone outside of the US. It’s just company policy.

But to any interested US writers, you can earn some extra cash (not glamorous but decent) on the side by becoming a content writer (ghost blogger) for them. It’s a cool gig. Use my name as a referral. They will accept your application quicker.

Thanks and happy writing!

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