To My Mom: Korean Food For Thought

While my mom visited recently, I made sure to take a few photos of the Korean food that we were so blessed to eat by her crafty hands. I wish that I could cook as wonderful as her. She is my home-cooking gal who never complained while slaving over a hot stove and graciously made so many delicious meals in a drop of a hat. She is my mom and so amazing. I cherished my time spent in the kitchen with her. She is my mentor and inspiration. We bounced cooking ideas off of each other. We created meals together. We anticipated each other’s moves in order to not bump into one another while in a confined, small space called my kitchen. She warms my heart and gives you all of her love… in her actions.

imageThe rice cake soup shown in photo above is one of the traditional Korean dishes that we ate on New Year’s Day. The recipe includes rice cakes, eggs, ground beef, and seaweed as topping. It doesn’t look too appetizing but believe me, it’s very good. Also, it’s perfect on those cold wintery days. It’s soup for my Korean soul.


This photo above is her homemade dumplings. I can eat these all day if I let myself. Just wrapped full of her love.


This mild version of Kimchi (pickled cabbage, radish, red pepper, carrot, and garlic) is perfect for kids. K loved this and she has learned to expand her palate since Grandma was here.

imageThis photo above was taken at a Korean/Japanese restaurant near us. We ate out for dinner one night after the Disney On Ice show. This is just an example of all the complimentary side dishes (Banchan) available while eating Korean food. There’s kimchi, salad, bean sprouts, radishes, fish cakes, and squashes. A little bit of everything. So delish!

Two weeks went by so quickly and saying goodbye was so hard to do. I will miss you, Mom! You are and will always be the best cook in my eyes.

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