10 Night Skywatching Events For 2015


Attention to all stargazers and night skywatching enthusiasts! Mark your calendars for these 10 astronomical events this year via Space.com. Please keep in mind that I have chosen peak times for these events.

  1. March 20th – total eclipse of the sun
  2. April 4th – total eclipse of the moon
  3. June 30th – Venus and Jupiter will be doubling the night’s brilliance
  4. July 10th – Venus’s brightest night
  5. August 12th – Perseid meteor shower (up to 90 meteors per hour)
  6. September 4th – last quarter moon
  7. September 27th – another moon eclipse and perigee (closest point to Earth)
  8. October 26th – another brilliant double planet with Venus and Jupiter
  9. November 5th to 12th – Taurid meteor shower or “Halloween fireballs”
  10. December 13th to December 14th – Geminid meteor shower (120 meteors per hour)

A good pair of binoculars will work well at any location far away from light pollution. A red light also helps to adjust back to stargazing after looking at your notes. Be safe and always venture out with a buddy.

Happy skywatching!

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