JusJoJan Day 1-10 Prompt

Here we go, everyone! Welcome to JusJoJan! 😄

Happy New Year, everyone!  This post will be a combination of my very first “Jot” for this year, in combination with being your (our) first prompt of the month. See how easy Just Jot It January is? 😀

Your prompt for January 1st to 10th is: reading.

Some suggestions:

1. Make the title of a post the name of a book and let inspiration take you from there.

2. Write about something you’ve read, whether it’s a newspaper article, a novel, a short story, or even a blog post. Don’t forget to link back to it! I’m sure it would be appreciated.

3. Write about what reading means to you. What would happen if you couldn’t, for some reason?

4. Don’t use the prompt at all! It’s not mandatory – it’s only if you get stuck. Alternatively, use the prompt every day for 10 days. It’s up to you!


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