Getting Ready For Just Jot It January

In preparation for Linda Hill’s Just Jot It January, I am gearing up for my daily jots during the month of January. Rules will be posted on January 1st and I am really excited about this fun opportunity. What do you guys think about a nice compilation of blog posts about the wonders of the night? Every day I can post about a random fact or story in relation to the night. This blog will be my scribble note pad for all my wacky ideas. I apologize in advance if I miss the mark on occasion. It will be refreshing and somewhat challenging too. Does that make any sense?


Hopefully my blog will receive a cool badge at the end and give it a much needed boost for the new year… adding more depth, creativity, and vivacity. Sounds like a plan. I just hope that I don’t fall ill again.

Well, here’s to 31 days of wondering about the night. This will be a fun first month of 2015!

🎉Happy New Year!🎉

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