Another New Year, Another New Adventure


This afternoon I sat down with M in the midst of all her wonderful board books. As I looked over her owl books, I thought to myself, “can I publish a children’s book too?” This new idea is far reaching but I always wanted to write a book for young children. And a wise fortune teller once told me that I would write a book as an adult. I thought that she was out of her mind at that time. But now, that doesn’t seem like such a bad idea at all. I have been mulling over some ideas and I think this new year will bring forth many trials and tribulations. It will definitely portray owls and possibly shapes and counting. It will be a colorful and simple board book for little hands. I will also be busy working on my illustrations with Photoshop.

If all else fails and my manuscript is rejected or the wait seems like forever, then at least I can pat myself in the back for trying my best.

So wish me luck on my new year’s resolution (and possibly next year’s) for publishing a children’s book. This is only the happy beginning.

If you have any advice for a newbie, please feel free to reach out to me. I will appreciate all the help in my new writing adventure.

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