Raw Honey To My Rescue

So last week was miserable for the girls with bad colds. Well, surely enough I caught that same bug and I was left in bed for a few days. Thank goodness my husband took this week off. I don’t know if I could have managed with both kids at home for the Christmas break.

We saw my parents for Christmas at my brother’s place and that was the night my throat started to tickle. My parents were visiting from Arizona and let’s just say that sometimes, the desert isn’t so bad. Such a beautiful place to visit with mountain views, dry air, and plenty of cacti for everyone. But one thing that I love from the desert is the raw honey made by those hard-working bees. My parents brought us a big jar and it was perfect timing.


I have added this yummy honey in my teas for my persistent coughs. Ah. It quickly soothed my irritated throat. But then I was curious to find out what other remedies people used raw honey for. So I did a bit of research for you and found some interesting facts.

According to Dr. Oz, he mentioned five simple homeopathic remedies using raw honey:

  1. cough suppressant
  2. minor burn sting soother
  3. sleep aid (tryptophan helps make people sleepy)
  4. minor cut healer
  5. immunity booster

I just learned something new. And I will enjoy my honey on toast even more now.

I am still on the mend. Hope everyone is staying healthy for the holidays.

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