@TurtleBackZoo: Fun #HolidayLights With Kids

We visited the Turtle Back Zoo tonight with a bit of drizzly rain. It was actually a beautiful night, even with a few rain drops. Every year this zoo has a night time holiday lights display for free admission during the Christmas season.

At the entrance, we saw the zoo’s mascot – a green turtle. Immediately, M ran to give hugs. She loves the color green and turtles. I was certain that we made her night.


And then we saw Rudolph the Reindeer and Frosty the Snowman. I managed to get a quick photo with Rudolph. M kept running back and forth with excitement.


There were holiday lights throughout the whole zoo. The carousel was open for $2.00 rides. The indoor touch tank exhibit was also open to view the stingrays. The farm animals were in the warm barn for our viewing. I was very surprised to see that most exhibits were open to the public with a free admission. Majority of the animals were sleeping in the dark so I did not take too many photos but I took a few awesome photos of sea horses in their pretty aquarium.

image image

Sea horses, believe it or not, are very fast swimmers. They rest while tails are curled around coral for a few minutes and then off to swimming they go. Truly remarkable. I can probably watch them for hours.

The girls were feeling better today so it was a nice outing for all of us. We also enjoyed some fresh air after being home for a few days.

And we had our friend snap a family photo for us with snowmen. We rarely have family photos where all of us are smiling and looking at the camera. I was so delighted! I could have used it for our Christmas card. 😉

image image image

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