#Frozen Ice Palace Display At Short Hills Mall

My husband encouraged me to take the girls one night to see this spectacular Frozen display. So we arrived at the mall around 5 p.m. tonight. There weren’t too many shoppers around but there was a long line for this Ice Palace. Families with tired, cranky kids were witnessed tonight. The line moved slowly and little M grew very restless quickly. It was the longest wait that we could possibly endure with young children pulling and nagging and whining. Finally, after one hour we stepped into the Frozen Ice Palace. And the wait was well worth it. It was magical!


Upon entering, you were greeted by a huge snow globe with a spinning Olaf inside. A screen at the bottom played your favorite Frozen movie. Walk a few steps down, there was an ice plate where you felt the ice and left your Frozen handprint. Before going inside the Ice Palace, you sat next to the big, goofy Olaf and snapped a few pictures with him. Afterwards, the true magic began. Once inside the palace, you were surrounded by several TV screens playing a sing-along version of “Let it go” with SNOW falling all around you. Kids entered with their mouths open in awe. The girls were so busy scooping up piles of snow and throwing their hands in the air. Over and over and over again. Just priceless.

At the end of all that excitement, there was one more special treat. Santa was there. M sat with him for a good 5 minutes talking about her Christmas list.

We had such a magical night!

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