Vintage Treasure: My First Digital Camera

My one and only digital camera was purchased back in 2001. Not sure why I never upgraded my camera but for what it’s worth, it IS still a great camera. This was one of my splurges as a person living on a limited budget. It was like finding gold treasure. It is also quite heavy compared to the new ones on the market now. And I prefer quality in all aspects of life.

Over the 13 years, I have used it for my travels and special moments. It has been neglected in recent years due to my handy smartphone. Depending on the natural lighting, I can capture amazing photos on my phone.

But for more quality photos, I thought it would be nice to dust off my Canon Powershot S300 Digital Elph and give it another shot (pun intended).


If you have an older camera model, consider alternative ways to upload your photos onto your computer. For some reason, my computer wasn’t picking up the saved photos from my camera when it was directly connected via USB port. This is a very common problem for older cameras. The only solution is to use a memory card reader. I found an affordable one at Target for $13 – Targus 33-in-1 Card Reader. It got some bad reviews for poor quality so I will have to be extra careful with this product. There are many others but I needed a Compact Flash card reader. And this product was readily available in stores. Be sure to read the product features and compatibilities before your purchase.

Sometimes, it is nice to hold on to old things. “Vintage is the new modern.”

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