My Highlights Of 2014

My niece sent from heaven
My niece sent from heaven
My niece says,
My niece says, “Grrrrr!”
Wiley Wolf and the girls
Wiley Wolf and the girls

The year 2014 rushed by with a blink of an eye. So many wonderful things happened this year. But I would like to share my 10 favorite moments.

  1. My niece was born. Everyone including her mom was anxiously awaiting her arrival for years now.
  2. K learned how to ride a bicycle in 3 days.
  3. The girls and I visited my brother in NYC via train.
  4. We watched local fireworks for the 4th of July.
  5. We stayed over and splashed around at Great Wolf Lodge with friends.
  6. We moved into our new home.
  7. K made the Honor Roll for middle school.
  8. M started using the potty.
  9. My parents are coming for the holidays.
  10. We are going to see the Rockefeller Tree before the year is over.

The new year will bring more happy times. Thanks to all my readers!

Happy holidays!

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