Searching For The Owl Emoji

Late last night, I scoured the internet looking for an owl emoji. You may have already noticed that I am somewhat biased when it comes to owls. Heh, heh. But I was very disappointed. I cannot believe that from the surplus of emojis available, not one owl emoji was found. Someone please tell me that you are currently in the process of developing new ones with an owl. Any developers out there? 😢

While my eyes were tired from my uneventful search, I did come across some cool, nifty owl text emoticons via,, and Facebook. Here are 10 cute ones:

    ) \__/ (
   { |  ~~~ | }
   { /^^\ }
__`m – m`__
(   V  )
   ” “
(          )
   ”  ” 
[ O.0]
| OvO |
I guess that I will have to settle with these emoticons in the mean time.  😔 Please don’t hesitate and shoot me a comment or suggestion if you have new information! Thank you!
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An interesting fact from an article via claimed that in 1948 typewriters were used to create hatted owls.
Update (6/11/15):
We have some exciting news!!! Finally there will be an owl emoji according to a recent article from Yahoo! Tech. We should expect it around June 2016 so we have one more year of waiting.

Thirty-eight brand new emoji are coming in 2016.

The Unicode Consortium — a little-known Mountain View, California-based organization that standardizes characters and emoji across all the different operating systems — has gifted us with yet another batch of the popular pictographs, including a wilted flower, bacon, and a symbol for the word “selfie.” Yahoo Tech has learned that earlier this month the consortium’s emoji subcommittee finalized the additions and submitted them to members for a vote of approval. The new emoji will be added to the existing set in June 2016 as part of the Unicode 9.0 update if all goes according to plan.

I think the bacon and owl emojis are my top favorites! Can’t wait to see these in action! 😍

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