Fun Challenge: A Post Without The Letter “K”

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I woke up this morning to find the letter “k” on my desktop keyboard not working. How does that happen?! It could mean one of two things: 1) I suspect one of the kids spilled something over it. 2) I have worn out that letter. I can’t imagine that it’s the latter.

So as I navigate my iPad mini’s keyboard while I type and figure out what went wrong with my desktop keyboard, here is a fun challenge. The following post will be without the letter “k”:

I don’t remember much from high school as far as academics but what I do remember and cherish was my typing class, chosen as one of my electives. This typing class was the most useful class that honestly stayed with me throughout the years. I was taught how to type using the home row — letters in the middle row. Left hand and right hand properly placed on these letters. This was a fundamental lesson that I will use forever. Sure, typing class was repetitive and sometimes, boring. But when it became second nature and I realized that I was typing without glancing down at the letters, that’s when I had that “Whoa!” (as expressed by undercover cop/surfer, Mr. Reeves) moment. I am a big fan. 😊

Anyways, anyone else ever have this missing letter problem?

Hope everyone had a nice Thanxgving and please bear with me as I resolve my missing letter.

(This was quite a challenge. You don’t realize how much it affects your writing until you do it. 😉)


All that I needed was my handy, dandy husband to fix it with his duster which blew out any debris inside the crevices. Problem solved! I feel like such a fool. 😁  But I am relieved to have my keyboard working again. *happy dance*

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