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“My name is KeKe and I play softball!” That was part of K’s softball chants. One of many funny softball chants. I don’t know how these girls come up with them but they are hysterical. One had references to fast food establishments. Go figure.

K has been playing softball since Kindergarten and she loves it. She tried soccer for a few seasons but it just wasn’t the right sport for her. K is a non-aggressive kid and playing a full contact sport like soccer made her uneasy. Softball, on the other hand, was a better fit. It’s a no-contact sport and on a more team supported environment.

She has grown as a softball player but that comes with hard work and dedication. K has private lessons to keep her active and polish up her techniques. As she grows stronger and more confident, she will be become an overall better athlete. We believe in working hard then playing hard.

Parent Coach and Football

My husband has been involved in K’s sporting activities for a long time now. He assists and participates wherever/however he can. He just has that natural gift of unselfishness and as a retired Marine, you can understand that even more. He lends a helping hand every day. There are so many heartfelt stories about that but I will get into them at a later time.

He is a football fanatic at heart. When Sundays, Mondays, and Thursdays roll around, he disappears into his corner work station and we won’t hear a peep from him unless he’s hungry. He is in 3 different fantasy football leagues so he does his homework to prepare every week. But don’t let that rough exterior fool you. Having girls did not make him a softy but actually made him a more attentive and a better understanding father/coach.


In high school, I wasn’t able to run one full lap around the track and I was out of breath. I was always athletic but running was not easy. I had to make changes.

Then in college, with the athletics club readily available, I was given an open door to running at my own pace. It was also a great way to relieve stress from studying and keep my body healthy. Now, running IS my cardio fix.

So what can we learn from sports? We can learn to be:







a leader

These benefits will help us to connect with our coaches, teammates, opponents, and the field that you play on. Discipline is earned and “the bridge between goals and accomplishments.”

Family support is the key to unlocking all the wonders of any sport. It’s also the glue to hold it all together for a healthy lifestyle.

My softball girls!
My softball girls!

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