Woman Vs. Food: DD Boston Creme Wins!

After dropping off K at school this morning, M and I went to Dunkin’ Donuts for a quick breakfast treat. We used to be regular patrons but with the cold weather and trying to stay away from sweets, we haven’t gone in a while. Today was the day to indulge. Guilty pleasure set aside.


DD wins

So I am gearing up to gain about 10 lb. with all the reckless eating that comes with this holiday season. As a child, I was known to have a bottomless pit and sometimes teased to have worms in my stomach because I was an eating machine. I love eating. But with age, I just can’t have the same eating habits as I did in the past. BUT this is the time to celebrate great food and great company with friends/family. This is the time to let food win. Thanksgiving and Christmas win.

So here’s to the start of all the fun festivities. Hope you have your stretchy pants ready.


즐거운 추수 감사절!



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