It’s Raining But It’s Not Pouring

Today, little M is 3 years old. I can’t believe it. Where did the time go? I was looking through her baby pictures and I am in denial. My little girl is growing up too fast.

The year of two was not easy but being optimistic about the new year coming up. I look forward to more negotiations, bribes, cuddles, laughs, struggles, cries, and tantrums. But I will embrace them wholeheartedly. Whoever said that it gets easier is wrong. It does not get easier. We will always worry and protect our children for as long as we live.

It is a wet and misty day. My car was covered in pretty, little raindrops this morning. K took this opportunity to doodle “Happy Birthday” and a few cute pictures on M’s window. That put a huge smile on M’s face.

Seeing these smiles on a dreary day makes it all worth it.


Happy Birthday, M!


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